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Thursday, September 25, 2014

What are the effects of high energy power lines on humans and plants?

We live in a world of energy--natural, human-captured, and human-transformed.  What impact do the energy forms we produce have on living forms on this planet?  Here's an interesting article that delves into the question:


Monday, September 1, 2014

Otherwise, It's Rape

Heterosexual sex doesn't take place unless a female says, "Yes." Otherwise, it's rape.

The following discussion is only concerned with heterosexuals and includes anecdotal references to support the statement or argument. And while it applies to all heterosexuals regardless of age, religion, nationality, race and ethnicity--I have crafted the
argument using broad historical fact of those whose ancestors were enslaved for over four hundred years in the Western Hemisphere. This framework is not in lieu of those who were never economic prisoners and who were present before Cristobal Colon or Christopher Columbus.

There are major misconceptions and denial by so-called black people among ourselves (particularly women) concerning our collective transition from the coercive plantation "breeding ground" to the modern-day pseudo-liberated sexual playground. The term "breeding ground" refers to all of the sexual actions which black economic prisoners were participants whether coerced or not. I commend those women and men who overstand the dynamics of sexual liberation as being a tool of those who control economic imprisonment and rewards by manipulating the sexual practices of American "black' people. I commend you for denouncing the practice of breeding ground philosophy and behavior by teaching and instituting programs toward remediation of those who continue to engage in it.  This is no easy task. The problem is complex and simple, overt and subtle.

There are several issues that must be explored to bring clarity to the subject:

(1) In the context of the breeding ground, there are scenarios that arise that may or may not be in accordance with the institution of marriage.

(2) Heterosexual sex takes place among consenting persons, male and female.

(3) Heterosexual sex takes place among non-consenting persons when a female says and acts in a manner that indicates "No" and the male forces her to have sex--rape.

(4) In consensual sex, if the female gets pregnant and the male is not in agreement with the pregnancy, then he still is obligated by law to support the child until adulthood. In this scenario, there is no equivalent action against the female for her decision to have the child. In other words, there should be no statutory and punitive actions for the male, since both decisions--to have sex and a child, are solely the decisions of the female. Remember? She decided to have sex, without rape, and she decided to have a child, which he did not want. The best solution? Consequences for the female also for having consented in the first place.

(5) If a female is raped, there are penalties that usually include imprisonment for the male. If she becomes rape-pregnant and decides to have the child, all decisions concerning the fate of the child resides with her--married or unmarried.

(6) Probably the most significant disparity of heterosexual sex is that there is no equivalent punishment for the female consenting to sex as there is for the male who rapes. Since she has the final decisions to have sex and to have a child against a male's desire not to be punished by child support, there should be a similar consequence for her consent to offset the various punishments for rape.  Presently, there are no statutory consequences for her consent. By statutory is meant policy or law that places greater responsibility for her actions (consenting) squarely on her shoulders. This probably is laughable to lawmakers who want to maintain female sexual freedom without consequences in the best interest of male lasciviousness and female objectification and prostitution as necessary in a "democratic" society.

(7) Corporations and the corporate media monetarily reward those who participate in indiscriminate nudity, promiscuous behavior, and risky sexual behavior and promote these as deifying aspirations for younger generations. The formula remains the same, however: Heterosexual sex does not take place unless the woman consents. Otherwise, it's rape.

That brings us back to the plantation situation of "slavery" or economic imprisonment. Once forced to have sex with anyone or any beast that plantation masters so desired, black women, eager for control of their own bodies, now practice willingly what used to
be forced upon them through threat of injury and death. Not to deny that males were used likewise, the focus is more on females since their actions determine the nature of sexual activity and consequences to themselves, their children, males, families, communities, and ultimately the nation.

For those who disagree with the history and the observations: Why are so many children being born to single mothers whose impregnating fathers don't give a damn about them or their children?  In some homes, a mini convention could be held if every father who impregnated the same female visited their children at the same time. Is this what is referred to as "sexual liberation?" This, in my opinion, are the same practices that occurred during the African Slave Trade and subsequent experiences for over four hundred years. Well, just assume that all the fathers weren't there as they are not in today's society.

What's liberating about a community that doesn't even know if blood brothers and sisters are having children together because they don't know they are family? What's liberating about women, believing that liberation is being able to place themselves in any situation, being raped because of the belief that they have control of when sex takes place in that situation? Indeed, they understand that sex doesn't take place until they "consent" to it. Everyone also understands that the contra idea and outcome is rape that sometimes includes murder. It's tantamount to the old school statement, "It's like walkin' into a lion's den with pork chop drawers!"

Historically, the most civilized societies have been those where women have been protected and highly spiritually developed; men and women respected, and control of sexual activity--a civilizing need actualized by spiritual practices. I suspect that the majority of those mothers who have sons and daughters languishing on the "new plantations," prisons, understand the that the majority of those children are part of an "illegitimate births" statistic. I won't get into the "qualitative" use of the term "illegitimate."

By the way, mothers, just because some of you escaped being raped or not having one of your children in prison, don't be so quick to pat yourselves on the back. Assimilation and accommodation is part of the breeding ground also. What do I mean? Just because you have sons and daughters who are caretakers of the plantation doesn't mean that you raised them properly.

Sexual freedom can be deadly. And remember, "Sex.... Otherwise, it's rape.